Elvis Martínez

Dominican singer, songwriter, and guitarist Elvis Martínez, also known as “El Camarón,” is a popular Bachata artist known for hits such as “Maestra,” “La Luz De Mis Ojos,” “Asi Te Amo,” “Yo Te Voy Amar,” “Laudano,” “Directo al Corazon,” “El Profesor,” and “Aventura” among others.

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Milly Quezada

World-renowned artist Milly Quezada, also known as “The Queen of Merengue,” is the only Dominican Republic female with four Latin GRAMMY Awards and the ASCAP Latin Heritage Award. She has also been honored with numerous other international recognitions and awards for her many hits including "Lo Tengo Todo," “Entre tu Cuerpo y el Mío," “Porque me Amaste, "Para darte mi Vida," “Vive," and “Toma mi Vida," among many others.

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Sonora Tropicana

Known for Cumbia and Salsa, Sonora Tropicana hails from Colombia, where it was formed in 1989. Musically, Sonora Tropicana is identified as the best of the “Colombian Cumbia,” as it is identified in the inner circles as the “Queen of the Sonora’s.” Sonora Tropicana can also interpret the Salsa Genre, as demonstrated by the song “Dejame Llorar,” which occupies an important place throughout Mexico, Unites States, and Central America.

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Alberto Daglio is a Salvadoran-American singer and songwriter who stood out with his band Ultravioleta and several other solo projects. Armed with a mix of digital sounds, distorted guitars, Latin percussion, and lyrics in English and Spanish, Daglio reinvents himself in a genre described as "Electro Pop Rock in Spanish," creating a world full of energy where adventure and rhythm have no limits.

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